Q: Am I able to purchase and pay for an item over the phone

A: If you give us a call then we can remove an item manualy from the site but at this time are unable to take card payments over the phone, we can however send a Paypal money request to you for the full amount, you do not need an account with Paypal and can do a one time card payment. We can also accept cheques, postal orders, cash etc by post.


Q: Do you accept returns

A: Yes we accept returns on the basis that you notify us within 7 days of receiving the order, we also expect items to be returned in the same condition as they have been received in.


Q: Do you have a shop that we can visit

A: We are strictly an online business and do no have a shop.


Q: Do you send items Worldwide

A: Yes all items on the website are on offer worldwide, so no matter what country you are in your custom is welcome.


Q: How do I know if an item is still in stock

A: If an item is showing on the website then it is still available, As soon as an order is made the item is automaticaly removed from the site and can no longer be seen.


Q: How do I search for an item on the website

A: To search the site you simply enter the name of the item that you are searching for into the “Site Search” box at the top right hand side of the page, you then press the enter or return key on your keyboard and it will search the site for the key words entered.


Q: How soon will I receive my order

A: All orders are sent within 3 working, however if you order an item and need it urgently then please send us an email and let us know. all items are sent via Royal Mail and Parcel Force.


Q: I am having problems using the website what can I do

A: If you have any problems with the site or find that a feature is not working or anything is not working as it should then please let us know as we can only sort problems out if we know that they exist. Your feedback is important to us.


Q: I am trying to purchase an item and it keeps coming up with “Enter Shipping Service”

A: If you are ordering a heavy item or several items that make a package heavy occasionaly the site will not have a pre added price for the weight of the items, if this message comes up and you are unable to purchase the items in your cart then you will need to email us the list of items that you are after and we will sort it out manualy


Q: I have an item for sale would you be interested

A: Yes we are always interested in purchasing items so if you have something that you are looking to sell then please let us know.


Q: I have purchased and payed for an item but I am no longer able to find it on the site

A: As soon as an order has been made it is automaticaly removed from the site and can no longer be seen, the item is then processed and sent out. If you would like the photographs and description of the item that you have purchased then please let us know and we will email them to you.


Q: What payment methods do you use

A: We accept payment through the Paypal system, you do not need a Paypal account to do this and simple payments straight from your card can be made withought having to set a Paypal account up, if you do have a paypal account then you can pay stright from that, the website will give you several options when going through the check out and purchasing an item. We can also accept payment via Cheques, Postal Order, Cash as long as it is sent by secure mail.


Q: What postage methods do you use

A: Most items are sent via Royal mail and Parcel Force through the postal system, all items are sent by registered mail for security. Some of the more heavy items are sent via DHL.