102) Excellent Post WW2 RAF OA Peaked Cap 1953?

Nice Large size Course Wool OA Service Dress Peaked Cap & Badge

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102) A good original post war RAF OA peaked cap. This pattern came out around 1944 and was issued into the late 1950s. For wear with the OA service dress 4 pocket tunic and trousers of the same course wool. The cap is in nice condition, it has minor surface moth trails under the rim but very minor and not easily visible. The original badge is good and Kings crown so pre-1953. The chinstrap, peak and cap band are good. The internal lining is good and clean. The leather sweat band excellent, the underside is named and numbers so could be researched. the date is 195? Pretty sure it is 1953 and not 1955 as the outline of a 3 can just about be made out. it is a good size 7 1/8. these tend to be tiny so good to find in a decent size.

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