103) Well Used Boer War Bugle British Army? I.G.G. 1894 Grenadier Guards?

Nice bugle marked I.G.G. 15

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103) An original Boer War era copper bugle dated 1894. As is commonly the case it is well battered and dented but still works. the mouthpiece seems firmly in place and has clearly not moved for years the original cord decoration is in place but shows age related wear. one tassel is missing, the other is in place but shows much wear and damage. the front of the bugle is maker marked along with the date of 1894. it is then marked “I.G.G. 15” possibly Grenadier Guards? we can find no military markings so possibly civilian? we had wondered about Girl Guides but they wern’t around until 1909 and may not have had bugles?. an interesting item in need of some research.

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