107) Interesting WW1 British Soldiers Wrist ID Tag on Turkish Coin 78628 E.Lusty Balkans RFA

Nice WW1 coin converted to dog tag/wrist ID Gallipoli?

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107) An original WW1 coin which has been converted at the time and used as a dog tag/wrist ID. This looks to be from a Turkish coin? One side has Arabic type writing. The other has been smoothed off and engraved. It reads BALKANS (presumably the area he was fighting in?) Then to the centre reads “RFA 78628, C-E. E.Lusty”. it looks like the soldier served in Gallipoli or similar. It is in dirty as found condition and never researched. It looks to have been a wrist ID as has a hole to each side. A really very nice interesting item well worthy of some research.

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