111) Good Original WW2 RAF Tropical Issue Beadon Flying Suit 22C/1049 In a Size 3

Nice original late war Beadon suit

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111) A good original WW2 RAF tropical issue Beadon flying suit. This is not perfect but still in pretty nice condition. The material is excellent with only slight fading in places and retains much original colour. It has several holes to the rear of the right hand shoulder where something rusty seems top have been on it, most is covered by the epaulette but some does show. This has been repaired using an original piece of Beadon material from another Beadon flying suit. The repairs are ok but pretty poorly done. When looking inside there is lots of spare material so it could easily be unstitched and done properly. (see photos). There are also some other rust marks to the material to the other shoulder and legs but only very minor and all material is good and strong, all is shown in the photographs. The woolen collar and woolen cuffs show minor moth nips but are pretty good, these could easily be hidden with a couple of threads of cotton to putt it together. There are a few poppers to the cuffs that are loose in the material and one that is missing but mostly they are ok (see photos) all other poppers, pockets, zips etc are in place and in excellent working order. a nice looking suit with a few minor faults. it is a size 3. for size details see photos of the internal label. It can be seen where a brevet once was to the left chest.

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