112) Original WW2 Nazi Arbeitsbuch, Soldbuch & Post War Papers/Passes All to A Karl Papez of Vienna, Austria

Nice group of un-researched Nazi items

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112) An interesting group of original items all named to a Karl Papez of Vienna, Austria. These are as found and totally unreserched and date from 1928 right up to 1970. The main bits are his Arbeitsbuch which he used during 1938 to 1940. It is in perfect order with only a small amount of entries. Then there is his Soldbuch which seems to show that he joined up in July 1940? packed full of writing, info and stamps regarding his service and goes right through the war. we do not read German so don’t have much info on the contents. It is in good used condition with a period done repair to the spine. There is a loose photo which has clearly come from some kind of pass book and has the remnants of Nazi stamps to the corner and a couple of wartime dated slips of paper named to him. The rest is post war ID passes and papers regarding him and his life. An interesting group well worth researching.

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