114) Original Unusual WW2 British Compass Pouch in Pre Dyed White Webbing Royal Navy 1919 Pattern?

good original padded pouch in pre dyed white webbing

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114) An original WW2 British compass pouch in good used condition. This is a little different as it was produced in white webbing and not the standard khaki. It also has yellow stitching. The front has been powder Blancoed long ago. It is in good condition but does show age related dirt. the powder Blanco could be washed off to reveal the original white webbing underneath. The original off white coulor can be seen to the rear. The internal padding is excellent. The markings are MECo 194? The date is either 1941 or 1944. There is a faint black marking under the 4 of the date which looks like it may be an “N” but not totally sure?

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