124) Excellent Original WW1 Imperial German Army Militarpas 2nd Komp, Ersatz Bat Pioneer Regt 20. Mortar Battalion

Packed full of entries from January 1915 to May 1918

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124) An excellent WW1 Imperial German army issue “Militarpas.” The
book is in excellent order. The covers are good but show minor dirt and wear from use. The inside pages are excellent and it is packed full of info, unfortunatly we are no experts on German. All pages are in place. we can see that he enlisted/called up in January 1915 and the last entry seems to be May 1918. It is stamped “2nd Komp, Ersatz Bat Pioneer Regt 20” also “min-werfer-batl VII, 3 Kompagnie minenwerfer-kompanie 191, as well as other regiments so he must have moved about? some of the fold out paperwork mentions Cambrai, St Quentin etc so may have been there fighting? This item is sold in original as found unresearched condition.

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