15) WW2 RAF Issue 6X30 Binoculars & Leather Case AM 1942

Binoculars AM 1942 marked

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15) A good pair of original wartime 6X30 binoculars and issue case. The binoculars are outwardly excellent. The grips good, data plates in nice order with clear markings AM and 1942 date. The focuses work well. The optics show no chips or damage. They are useable and not out of culmination. The internal lenses do show some fogging and dirt from age. this could be cleaned as only dirt but not something that we would attempt. There is minor paint loss and wear to the metal edges. The case is a correct military case. The binoculars fit inside them fine but the case seems just slightly large for them? They have clearly been in this case for a long time. The case is in good order and complete with shoulder strap which does show some cracking and wear. It could do with a good polish.

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