177) Vintage British Army Officers Dress Boots With Spurs Wellington Boots

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177) A good pair of vintage British officer’s dress boots/wellington boots. The boots look to be in nice condition. The top outside seam of the left boot has come apart slightly (see photos) this is still held together by the inside glued seam. The rest of the stitching looks good but we would not recommend these be worn. The leather is in good order, it shows some surface wear marks and scratches to the toes etc. a good polish would help to tidy them up. The insides are good with manufacturer of Alan McAfee Ltd and military retailer Allkit. The soles show minor wear but are good. They are also marked “Alan McAfee Model”. The outside sole of the boot measures 11 ¼ inches heel to toe. They come with their original removeable spurs by maxwell. They look in good order. the spurs are easy to remove and lock in place nicely when fitted. The righthand boot trap door is stuck up and should flip down to close the hole when the spurs are removed. The left side works fine. A good pair of boots for display only.

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