19) Excellent Complete WW1 British Army Folding Chainsaw in Leather Pouch 1915

Leather pouch with chainsaw, handles, file & tooth setting tool. Items Dated 1915 & 1916

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19) An original WW1 British army issue folding chainsaw and leather pouch. The leather pouch is is excellent clean and strong. The rear is nicely maker marked and dated 1915. The contents is excellent and totally complete. The chainsaw is good and WD marked with nice clear 1915 date in 2 places. The tooth setting tool is in place and mint with nice clear 1916 date The handles are again in good order with WD markings. One is dated 1915 the other has no date. The triangular file is in place and excellent. A nice set with parts dated 1915 & 1916. The handles are for using the saw but also hold the tools when needed.

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