2) Excellent WW1 British Army Trench Signalling Lamp With Bayonet Fitting

Nice WW1 signaling lamp.

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2) A very nice original WW1 Trench signaling lamp. this is a pretty special pattern with bayonet fitting which allows the 1907 pat bayonet to be fitted to the front. the lamp can then be stuck into the ground or held up above the edge of the trench. the lid with Morse button then removed and has a long cord to allow it to be operated from a distance. the lamp is in great order with much original paintwork. the original red filter is in place but has a large chip to one side and lots of scratches. the glass and reflector is all good. the original lens is in place and there are 2 spares. the rear belt hoot is marked with the WD arrow along with markings which are hard to read due to paintwork. the wiring feels good and is not stiff. looks to be a MKII. this is sold as found and untested.

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