23) Fascinating Group of 7 Wartime Diaries 1940-46 Of The Service Life of 7386178 Pte D.Speake RAMC

Fascinating diaries, bombing, sniped at, stretcher bearing, dog fights etc

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23) A really fascinating complete set of 7 diaries dating from 1940 to 1946 and covering one mans journey from civilian live into military service. We have only had chance to quickly skim through these so only a small amount of info is given and photographed. He strats of in 1940 living in Southampton as a civilian. Mentions Cinema, dances and nights out, many bombing raids and details, he then joins the special police force and mentions being on duty, reporting a Black-Out violation etc. Received call papers and joins the RAMC in December 1940. Transfered to the Aldershot, Farnham area. mentions training, Marching, Digging trenches, shooting, san bag filling. More air raids in this area and again mentions where and what casualties. More dances entertainment meeting girls etc. He is mostly working as a barbour but also an ambulance driver, stretcher bearer, Hospital duties etc. Sleeping under canvas. In Early June 1942 they go by ship to North Africa. Stopping in SA on the way. In North Africa they travel around quite a bit. he mentions digging trenches, sand storms, air raids, snipers and close calls, sees dog fights and plane crashes. stretcher bearing for the seaforth Highlanders and Cameron Highlanders during battles. hevy rain and flooding. Winston Churchill mentioned visiting camp a few times. He comes back to the UK in December 1943. spending some time in scotland training etc. On 8th June 1944 (D-Day + 2) they board ship in Tilbury destined for Normandy, France. Mentions E-Boats. on 10th June they spend the day off the French coast shelling the beaches, it says that cruisers were firing back. They disembark in Tailleville on the 11th. Mentons “Jerry Overhead” a lot, he mentions watching several shot down. very bad weather. He Mentions being straiffed by aircraft and his excitement in watching 450 bomber raid around Caen. Grave digging lots of bombing and strafing from German aircraft. he mentios moving to various places in the ares. watching a big tank battle. In September he is in Nijmagen, it mentions staying in a sanitorium in Son, being in Eindhoven etc. German shells landing. Then on the 8th of Jan 1945 they end up “somewhere in the Ardenne”. with heavy snow etc. Germans overhead, V1 rockets. leave the ardennes on the 18th Jan. Then various places and into the Reichswald forest on 19th Feb 1945. Then back Holland and Belgium mentions mortars, snipers near hits etc. Then home in March. Back into Germany in April, Sleeping in barns, ex German army camps etc. Mentions Germans, Poles & Russians looting everything and goes on for several days with much excitement and weapons being fired into the air, this is several days pre VE day. the rest is around Germany into 1946 and mentions his releif in not being sent to Burma. This is just a snippet of info taken when reading through fast. There is much more with most days filled in for 6 years of his time. a really fascinating read. all are in good used condition with all pages in place..

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