3) Original WW2 US Army Woman’s Issue Shaped Breeches Trousers Field Wool OD

US Army trousers woman’s issue dated 1945

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3) A pair of US army issue trousers, these are woman’s issue with button up side opening, they are nicely shaped and look to be some sort of riding breeches for horse or motorcycle? They are in great order with just a couple of pin head size holes. They are turned up at the ankle, not sure if they were issued like this but if not they are easily let back down. The internal label is in place and dated them to March 1945. The label states that the waist is 32 inches but it measures 26 inches so looks like they were tailored to fit, this was done professionaly
Measurements are waist 26 inches, inside leg 28 inches, total length waist to ankle 39 ½ inches, length of turn up if unravelled fully 5 ¼ inches.

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