31) Excellent WW2 RAF Issue 5X40 Binoculars X5 Bino Prism MKIV Ref 6E/383 In Correct Issue Case

Lovely optics and in correct Binocular RAF Case case

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31) A very nice pair of WW2 RAF 5X40 binoculars “X5 Bino Prism MKIV Ref 6E/383”. These are fixed focus as used for aircraft spotting, u-boat spotting etc and were apparently carried on board some aircraft. The binoculars main body is excellent, grips etc are all good with no chips or damage. The data plates are good with all original finish just dusty and could do with a wipe over (see photos) They are marked nicely marked with the RAF Ref 6E/383, the same markings as to the inside of the case. The ribber eye pad is excellent soft and supple with no cracking and is again just dusty. The optics are good with no chips or damage. They are nice and clear to use. when looking through the opposite end some minor dust can be seen. There are no internal graticules. The metal fittings etc show minor surface wear but only slight. They come in their correct original grey fibre case. the outside is good with minor edge wear. the carry strap and closure strap are good. The inside is good and nicely lined. the edge of the lining shows some minor moth but all is dead. The markings correspond to the binoculars. There is what looks to be the original rust proof wrapping paper which once went around the binoculars from new. this has been left in the bottom for years. A really very nice set.

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