34) Excellent Clean WW2 British Military Pith Helmet Dated 1942

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34) A very nice example of the British military issue tropical pith helmet. the outside of this is in excellent clean condition, the only minor mark being a few dirt spots to the rear of the pagri band (see photos) but this is really minor. The shell shows no soft spots or crushing damage. the inside is again in good order. the green surround is excellent. The lining shows edge wear but nothing serious. It has a nice large 1942 date along with arrow and size. The underside of the leather also has the WD “O” code which is also for 1942. There is also a soldier’s name and number to it which could be researched. The liner size says 6 7/8 but is more like a 6 ½ or less and seems quite small. This is presumably why it has survived so well being fairly small. The chinstrap hooks are in place but the strap long since gone.

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