34) Excellent Original WW1 British Trench Candle Lantern

Nice private purchase trench candle lamp

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34) An interesting WW1 British trench candle lantern. This identical pattern was both issued with WD markings and purchased privately with no markings such as this one. Used in dug-outs, trenches. apparently used in medical stations etc. This is of brass and originally had a silvered finish which is still perfect on the inside but unfortunately has been polished off on the outside. The hinged top is excellent and opens to reveal 2 fold out hooks for hanging it up. The rear has 2 fold out handles for used when carrying it. The front hinged doors open nicely and lock closed well. The pull out base is in nice order, the bottom disc allows it to be stood up on a table when in use. this also unscrews to reveal a compartment to hold matches. The sprung candle tube is excellent and still retains a pretty much full length original candle. The lattice work to the base is good and strong but does have one small hole to the brass and a few minor cracks but all good and strong.

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