36) Original 1867 Pat? German Glass Water Bottle Franco-Prussian War

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36) A really very nice 100% original early German military water bottle. This is of glass with horsehair padding and thick leather covering. It seems that this dates from around 1867. The only other that we can find is seen on this excellent link and is identical.
one side is in excellent order the leather all soft and supple with just surface scratches and scrapes which a good polish will help, the plated leather to the neck is good and the side seems look good and strong with just minor insect damage to one edge (see photos). the other side is mostly good and again could do with a polish. It shows a split 3 quarters of the way down the body. Most likely from shrinkage? There is just 1 tiny section of leather missing to the middle of this (see photos). the leather could be expertly glued and pulled together better although we would not attempt this. The side loops are in place and good but the carry strap has long since gone. the glass neck and internal bottle are all in great order. the original cork and metal dome cover are in place and in nice order and amazingly the original leather attachment strap is still in place and good.

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