37) Good Original WW2 British Home Front Issue Steel Helmet Home Guard? 1941

Nice original khaki/green helmet

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37) An nice 100% original wartime steel helmet and liner. The outer finish is a rough textured green finish which is in good order with some ancient rust spots mixed in which blends in well and makes it look like a 2 tone camo scheeme. The shell in good order with no damage (see photos). The inside shell is good. The markings to the inside shell date it to 1941. The outer skirt has 3 holes drilled to each side. this denotes steel quality, Infantry issue front line troops would have been issued the highest grade which has no holes. being green this one could well have been issued to the Home Guard? The chinstrap is good used and original and faintly maker marked. The liner is in good order a little dirty and dusty with some stiffening and surface cracks but all is good. It is a good 7 and again dated 1941. A nice helmet in as found condition.

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