4) Original WW1 1908 Pattern Webbing Haversack

Nice 1908 pattern small pack

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4) A good original WW1 British army 1908 pattern haversack. The pack is in good used condition, it has some minor dirt spots and stains along with minor wear as can be seen in the photos but all good and strong and a layer of Blanco would clean this up. The front closure straps are excellent, side buckles and straps are good but show fraying to the edges. The rear is in good order and complete with original straps and buckles to base and sides, the right-hand lower buckle is in place but the webbing that holds it has worn and only holds the buckle to one side (see photos) this is still firmly held in place. it is also nicely unit marked. The inside is good with minor dirt and dust and complete with internal divide which is mostly good but for a large hole and wear to one side (see photos). The underside of the closure flap is maker marked and dated but unreadable. A good useable pack.

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