4) WW2 US Army Telescope Observation M4 Sniper Scope. Bausch & Lomb Opt Co 1942

Very nice sniper spotter scope with perfect optics and in original case

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4) A very nice original WW2 US army issue sniper spotting scope. The scope is great order and is marked “Telescope Observation M4” with a nice clear 1942 date. The case is the correct for this scope with matching maker marks and is mostly excellent but for the closure buckle being missing. The optics are excellent and clear, pretty much perfect. The focus works perfectly and can be used slowly by screwing it in and out or fast by simply pulling it out and licks with each adjustment. When looking from the obverse end all looks mint with no damage and all good and clean. The eyepiece has its screw on protective metal cover and the end also still has its screw on protective cover (see photos). The original green crackle finish paintwork is excellent but does show a chip to the screw on cap and another to the large end but nothing bad and none affects the item at all. A nice high quality usable set.

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