44) Original Pre WW1 Aviator Autographed Photograph Harold Blackburn

Original signed pre-WW1 postcard

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44) A really very nice 100% original pre-WW1 Postcard photo of one of the early Aviators Harold Blackburn. The card front is excellent and a great photo of him in his aircraft, it is nicely signed by him. the card is excellent but the previous owners had these mounted on hard card and on display, unfortunately they were glued to the thick card so to remove may damage it but the front and autograph is all in good order (see photos) and ideal to frame. (this is not a printed and is an original hand signed ink autograph done by him at the time, part of a small collection collected at Hendon in the pre-WW1 years) Here is more info on him https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Harold_Blackburn

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