57) Lovely Original WW2 US Made Wollensak 6X30 Binoculars Issued to British Army

WW2 lend lease Binoculars in correct issue case

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57) A good pair of original WW2 US Military Wollensak binoculars and case. These are British army ordnance arrow marked for issue to the British forces in WW2 and part of the lend lease/war aid program. The original case is excellent and strong. it is British ordnance marked to the front. it shows surface marks and wear but nothing a good polish wouldn’t fix. The closure strap works well. The internal blocks to the case are missing but all is still fine. The carry strap has long since been removed. The glasses are in good order. the grips excellent, the data plates good with some edge wear and loss to the paintwork. The neck strap is good. The focuses work well. The optics show no chips or damage but do show slight fogging but all is good enough to use. They are nicely US army marked along with maker and WD ordnance marked.

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