58) Excellent Clean Vintage Post WW2 RAF Pattern MK8 Driving Goggles by Stadium

Nice lightly used 1950s/60s copy of RAF MKVIII goggles

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58) A really very nice original pair of post war stadium copy of the RAF issue MKVIII flying goggles. Produced in the 50s and 60s for use by motorcyclists, Drivers, pilots etc. The goggles are in great condition and don’t look to have seen much use. The lenses are in great condition just dusty. the frames are again perfect with all original silver finish is in place just minor wear to the high spots. The Leather font is nice and the padded rear is in lovely condition. The bridge of the nose has an unusual screw in adjustment for size (see photos). the head strap is again good with minor dirt and marks. it shows some stretching to the top but still has lots of life in it. A really good looking pair.

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