61) Excellent Original 1930s-1940s British Diplomats Briefcase GRVI Marked

Very nice King George 6th marked attache case

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61) A very nice original British diplomats briefcase. The front of this is very nicely marked with GRVI for King George 6th which dates it between 1936 and 1952. The outside is good. it shows edge wear with some damage to the edge trip but all well held together and strong. It has surface cracks to the folds but nothing that a good coat of boot polish would not sort out. The closure straps are good and strong but show surface wear and cracks. The case was clearly locked and the key lost. It has had the lock cut to open it. The part cut is still inside the lock so if a key were found to unlock it then the part could be removed and braised back in place? The inside is in good condition just dirty from use. It measures 16 Inches X 11 Inches.

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