61) Full Wartime Pattern Tin Pack No2 Detector Powder MKI 1956

Original 1956 dated gas detector paint tin & contents

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61) An original British military issue “Pack No2 Detector Powder MK.I.” this is the same as the wartime version but dated 1956, the tin is in pretty good order and retains all original paintwork with good clear readable details but there are dents to the sides, these could be knocked out by emptying the contents out and doing it from the inside. The tin has a factory date of 4/56 and an ink date of 5/57 which may be when it was filled? We have not opened this and it is still full of its contents, the lid shows minor surface rust spots, the base is excellent and clean. This item is sold as a collectable and not for use etc. it stands 8 inches tall.

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