64) Original WW2 Flare Pistol & Radio Kit Shoulder Strap Pouch With Leather Closure Strap

Wartime pouch removed from shoulder cross strap

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64) An original small rectangular canvas pouch, the pouch would have originally have been attached to a standard shoulder strap (see photo) there is some debate whether these were to hold 4 flare pistol rounds as shown in the photo or radio buzzer? The pouch has clearly been removed from a strap and would be very simple to re-attach to a strap as the straps were the standard braces/shoulder straps. The pouch is in nice condition just a bit dusty from storage. This one is different to others that we have in that it has a leather closure strap and buckle. The buckle has come slightkly unstitched from the pouch but simple to re stitch it.

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