70) Excellent Original Unissued WW2 Indian Made British Army Battledress Trousers 1943

Nice original wartime made BD trousers

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70) A good original pair of unissued Indian made Battledress trousers as issued to British & commonwealth forces. they are in excellent order and of the usual Indian quality with heavy rough material. they show several moth trails to the waist band at the rear and have 3 small holes. nothing serious or that stands out and all could easily be darned (see photos). the rest is in great order. there are a few other moth surface trails in places but very hard to find and nothing at all serious.one button is missing to the fly but all others are in place and original. some are a little loose. the inside is in lovely order. there is a nice WD inspectors ink stamp and also a makers stamp with 1943 date. measurements are waist 28 inbches, inside leg 29, total length waist to ankle 41 inches.

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