81) Excellent Original WW2 Era RAF Aircraft Type P12 Compass & Mirror

WW2 era aircraft compass

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81) A very nice original RAF type P12 compass & mirror. This pattern was fitted inverted with the pilot having to look at the mirror to read it. due to this all writing, numbers etc is written back to front whitch when viewed in the mirror is reversed and perfectly readable. The compass is in excellent working order. it would have originally have been filled with fluid which would damper the movement of the needle. This has lost some fluid but when held upside down as would have been fitted in the aircraft it has enough fluid to make it work well. The inside is pretty clean. The main body retains all original black crinckle finish paintwork. The base is again excellent and has 2 inspection/test stamps the dates of which are pretty much unreadable but look to be 1950s. This is again not unusual as items in storage were checked marked and repacked every 10 or so years to make sure that they were always ready for use. The mirror is excellent and moves freely when not locked into position. This comes as is with no storage case. A good working example.

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