82) Excellent Original WW2 Pat British Airborne Steel Helmet In Amazing Condition Dated 1972

HSAT helmet in exceptional condition

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82) An extremely nice original British army airborne troops steel helmet. this is an identical pattern to the wartime helmets but dated 1972. Maker CWL and British made for British paras. It is all original untouched as found and not refurbished and in exceptionally good order. Had it not had the black square & 10 marked to the rear we would have been described as unissued. The shell retains all original green textured finish with just a few minor marks and scratches. No idea what the black square 10 signifies? The lining bolts are perfect. The internal lining is in lovely order, the sorbo rubber has just slight surface hardening but good and strong with no crumbling. The leather sweatband is lovely and clean with just the slightest of surface wear. It is marked as a size 7 but seems more like a 6 3/4/ The internal webbing is all excellent. the crown pad from the internal dome has long since gone. The chin cup and webbing assembly is all in pretty much perfect condition. An extremely nice example.

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