83) Nice Original WW2 British Detector, Vapour, Pocket MKII 1944 Complete

Nice totaly complete DVP MKII dated January 1944

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83) An original wartime Detector, Vapour, Pocket MKII tin complete with full unused contents. The tin is in good order. The lid shows ancient rust spotting but nothing deep. much original paintwork is in place and the markings to the lid are good and readable. The base is dated January 1944. The inside of the tin is excellent. the inside of the lid marked with important details on exposure times etc. The original instructions pad is in place and complete, just slight dirt and marks. The oposite side has war gas report forms which are again gomplete with none removed and all pretty good but for minor durt to the outside page. The original tins and tubes are in place and complete with all contents which is sealed and as new. All items are nicely marked and date.

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