84) Extremely Nice WW2 British Army 7×50 Binoculars No5 Mk 5 & Case 1944

Lovely optics and in correct Binocular Prismatic No5 MKI Case case

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84) A very nice pair of 1944 dated British army 7X50 binoculars No5 MK5. The case is in great order with no damage. The top nicely marked and showing it to be the correct case for the binoculars. The binoculars main body is excellent, grips etc are all good with no chips or damage. The data plates are good with all original finish (see photos) They are marked “NLI” and dated 1944. the focuses work well and the optics are excellent with no real dirt just a couple of tiny spots, no damage etc, nice and pretty clear to use. There are no internal graticules. The metal fittings etc show minor surface wear. The neck strap is excellent and may well be captured German?

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