96) Excellent 1964 Era Minox B Spy Camera With Many Accessories. As Used By James Bond

Nice original sub miniature camera with manual and accessories

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96) A very nice vintage Minox B sub-miniature spy camera. the first pattern came out in the late 1930s and was used by spies during WW2. This pattern with light meter came out in the 1950s and was available commercially but was also widely carried and used by spies. James Bond (007) famously uses one in the film “On Her Majesty Secret Service”. the camera is in nice order with no damage just minor marks/dirt. the light meter works well. it winds and works as it should, the adjustments alter the shutter speed etc. inside the back there looks to be a film. we have not removed this but it looks to have been used as no film is visible when looking to one edge. the serial number 857 622 dates this camera to 1964. it comes with its original brown leather case which is in good order and has its original chain. the chain has bobbles along it for use as a measurement when put along side items in photos. a nice camera in good order with original measuring chain and case. This comes with its original manual and a large amount of original minox accessories. mostly boxed and in perfect order. there is a stand attachment, flash and various other fittings. it also comes with 2 original unused films in original metal tin. a nice set. most items boxes are early 1960s dated.

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