89) Nice Unusual Victorian Slade Wallace Buff Leather Bayonet Frog Converted to Hold 1903 & 1907 Bayonet

Nice Victorian buff leather frog converted to hold the 1903 & 1907 bayonet

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89) A very nice original Victorian era Slade Wallace bayonet frog originaly for the 1888 pattern bayonet. This is a little unusual in that it was officialy converted for use with the 1903/1907 pattern bayonet. A simple thick strip of leather has been riveted to the inside to make the hole smaller and tighter fitting. The frog is excellent but a little sticky to the touch as uf it has been waxed or similar. talcom powder should get rid of this? The internal leather strip shows cracking and wear but in good order. a fairly unusual item to find.

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