99) Original WW2 US Army Signals Lineman’s Pole Climbing Leg Spikes & Harness Waist Belt 1944

Nice original US Signal Corps Climbing leg spikes & waist belt

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99) An original wartime US army signal corps lineman pole climbing set. all items are US marked and wartime dated. The 2 leg spikes are excellent but one is a size 16 1/2 inches the other £15 inches. The main dimensions are identical but one is just 1 1/2 inches longer than the other. one is dated 1942 the other 1943 and both are made by the same manufacturer. They are in excellent order but missing their webbing straps which simply thread through the metal loops. The heavy duty canvas waist belt is excellent just dirty from use. It has loops for various tools and 2 large D rings. It is missing the clip on strap which clips to each D-ring ans goes around the pole to aid climbing. It is nicely marked and dated March 1944. A nice set in need of a few bits to complete it. The belt has a 42 inch waist.

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