Beautifully Made All Metal Model of A Tank Russian T55??

A really very nicely made model on plinth.

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A really beautifully made model of a tank, we are not totally sure what model but possibly a Russian T55? The tank is extremely detailed and all apart from the rubber tracks is made of metal and of a good strong gauge. All original paintwork and fittings are in place, it looks to be missing one small green wooden block to one of the trays over the tracks (see photos) there is also a tiny hole to one side of the turret where a whip areal once was, the barrel is good but has slight play to it. the turret spins although doesn’t quite go all of the way around. The wooden base is the original and in good order. the wooden plinth measures 11 inches X 5 ½ inches so a good size and weighs just over 2KG.

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