Early WW2 RAF Everhot Chemical Heated Pad Pouches

Early pouches for wear in flying boots to heat aircrews feet

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An original correct left and right pair of RAF Everhot heating system pouches. These are for wear in flying boots, the lower elasticated strap goes under the foot and the poppered strap attaches around the calf, each pouch would have then had a chemically heated pad inserted, this would be dipped in water to activate it prior to being put into the pouch. This system was soon found to be unsuitable as many pilots suffered from chemical burns caused by their use. The pouches are in good order but dirty and marked from poor storage, the underside of the flaps on one is faintly AM marked, the other pouch markings are worn and no longer visible. The inside rubber coating to each is worn and flaking but the outer material is all good and strong, one popper has torn but is still attached (see photos).

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