Large Collection paperwork, photos, medals H.W.Bull RN Ships, Submarines 1928-53

Long service from 1928-1953, MID Korea, on many ships and subs

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A large collection of items all relating to the 25 years of service of Chief Electrician Henry William Bull, his service number started out as JX 132097 and was later changed to P/MX 766377, this shows on both paperwork and medals. The group has come directly from relatives of him and have never been on the market before, these are sold totally unresearched and an extremely fascinating group. There is too much to mention here so please see the photos for details, the photos we have taken are in no order of service etc, there are original lists of all ships and submarines served on, he was mentioned in dispatches during the Korean war and both MID cert and leaf are with the group, the medals are 39-45 Star, Atlantic Star, War medal, Named Silver Korea medal with MID leaf, Standard Korea medal, Queen Elizabeth coronation medal and certificate and RN LSGC medal again correctly named. There are also some nice Royal Tournament medallions in original boxes and again named to him. There are a few photos of ships, several of HW Bull at various stages of his career and lots of other paperwork dating from 1928 to 53, there is also a large amount of later papers, letters etc still in envelopes which we have not had chance to go through (see photos) and post war certificates to St John ambulance and YMCA again all named to him. A quick look through shows that he was on many different ships and his WW2 service was mostly on H.M. Submarines so a fascinating set to research! Subs include Dolphin, Cyclops, H.32 etc. a pretty extensive collection well worthy of some research.

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