76) Original Unissued WW2 British Army, SOE Escape & Evasion Fly Button Compass

Nice wartime brass 2 part button compass in original factory paper wrapping

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76) An original wartime escape & evasion button compass. The buttons are in good order with some age-related dirt and tarnish, one button has a tiny pin spindle the other has a small indent to the underside to allow it to be put on the spindle and act as a compass, the bottom button is of the usual brass and the top is of brass coloured magnetised steel, some of the original brass coloured coating has been lost over time but all works as it should. It works well. This is the army version in brass, the RAF had identical but in black. These were worn on the battledress uniform, they would have been sewn onto the battledress jacket or trouser fly as if a normal button but if in trouble they could easily be removed from the clothing and put together to form a very clever and accurate compass. These are an early war production as brass buttons were replaced with Bakelite/plastic mid war. Guaranteed 100% original.

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