Very Early 19th Century German or French Military Cavalry Boots

Nice early high boots with hob nails

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An extremely early pair of cavalry boots, we are not sure of the exact origins of these but they are believed to be either German or French military and clearly show good age, 19th century and certainly no later than WW1. They are of a very distinctive style with square toes and shaped top, the leather is in amazing order for something of such age although is a little stiff and they stand nicely with no packing etc needed to pad them out, there is a split to one of the folds to the lower front of the left boot as shown in the photos but this is very stiff and does not move, the right boot has a smaller split in a similar area and some loose stitching where the upper meets the lower part of the boot but again all stiff and firmly in place. the soles show some separation to the layers of leather but all good and strong, the hob nails are good but some are loose and some have long since gone, these were totally covered in hobnails at one time. The inside of the boots is all in good order, one webbing pull has been torn off but the others are in place and good. The boots stand 21 inches tall at their highest points, the soles are 11 inches in length. The photos of these really don’t do them justice. Any info on these would be much appreciated.

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