Vintage Original Horse Guards Breast Plate Shoulder Straps Shoulder Scales

Nice original pair of breast plate shoulder straps

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A very nice original pair of vintage scaled shoulder straps for the horse guards breast plate, these attach the front and back together and pass over the shoulder. From the front they look pretty much identical in design, pattern, length etc. from the rear they are a little different, the brown leather backed version is clearly the earlier of the 2 and may even be Victorian? It is made from 3 strips of leather which is the same as the other strap but this one is thinner, the early one measures 8mm thick the other 11mm. the other strap is of the same construction but has a white leather backing, it clearly has good age to it but not sure of the exact date? Both straps are in good uncleaned condition and measure 16 ½ inches in length.

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