WW2 Captains Uniform jacket to H.H.A Perey DSC, GSM, MID

Nice wartime officers jacket to Distinguished Service Cross recipient

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A very nice original un-researched RN officers jacket, this one belonged to a Distinguished Service Cross recipient so a well worthy item for research, the jacket is in good clean condition with no damage, all original officers buttons are in place, it can clearly be seen where the 3 strips of medal ribbons once were to the left breast but at some point long ago these have been removed and placed in the breast pocket, the ribbons are the correct for the jacket and all stitching etc is a perfect match, they may have been removed as they are very well worn (see photos) the medal ribbons show that the owner had the DSC, RN GSM, 39-45 star, Atlantic star, Africa star & war medal, the war medal has the remnants of stitching to it that once held a Mentioned in Despatches leaf which can again be researched, the leaf is long since gone. The sleeve rank shows a lot of wear from use, the final stripe to make him up to a captain is loose on each arm and looks like it was not attached too well originally but genuine to the jacket, the inside of the jacket is excellent but shows wear from use, the internal pocket label by Gieves is very worn and not clear, the date is either 1943 or 1945, the officers name is again hard to make out and what can be seen is ?.H.H.A.Perey (could be Percy but all hard to be totally sure) the rest of the info is long since worn away. A very worthy item for research.
Measurements are Shoulder to Shoulder 16 inches, Shoulder to Cuff 25 inches, Armpit To Armpit 19 inches, total length collar to hem 32 inches.

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