WW2 SOE Issue Reel of Khaki Adhesive Tape for Use With Explosives etc

Small reel of khaki fabric tape

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A small metal reel containing a small amount of khaki adhesive tape, we have been told that these reels were used by the SOE, the tape being used for making up explosives, binding fuse wire, charges etc up. The metal reel has some kind of locating rib inside as if it fits onto something? The tape is khaki fabric to the outside with adhesive to the underside and looks to be waterproof, it is 1 inch wide, we unraveled 1 reel and it has 24 inches of tape to it, presumably done in small amounts so easily concealed? This came from a wartime economy card box which has no markings to it at all which would be correct for SOE. An interesting original wartime item. the price is for one reel.

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